Matter, the new smart home standard

Many people have experienced that not all smart home products work together in an easy and seamless way. Smart products from different brands need their own hub/gateway and their own app to control and install them. Matter is a protocol that is used as a connecting factor to allow your smart products in your smart home to communicate with each other, even if they are not made by the same manufacturer. Matter is designed to make it easier for you to set up and manage your smart devices and allow various products from different manufacturers to work together seamlessly. 

What is Matter?

The Matter Smart Home Protocol is a new standard for smart home devices. It is designed to provide a common language for smart home devices to communicate with each other and with a central hub or controller, regardless of the manufacturer or platform. This will allow the user to mix and match different smart home products from different companies and have them work together seamlessly.  

To solve the problem, the Matter standard is being developed. Supported by big names like Google, Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Philips Hue and Tuya the Matter standard has a lot of potential to make the world of smart home a lot easier. Matter stands not only for speed and convenience, but also for a secure and reliable network. Important principles for Matter are simplicity, interoperability, reliability, security, and flexibility. 

How does matter work?

The Matter protocol uses Internet Protocol (IP) as the basis for communication between devices, which means that it can be used over a variety of wired and wireless connections. It also incorporates security measures to protect against unauthorized access and interference. Products that wear the matter logo can easily be connected to 1 common hub, gateway or router. Simply scan the QR code on the product and connect it to your preferred smart home system like Apple Home-app, Google Home-app or Amazon Alexa. This will allow the user to control all Matter Smart Home products in one app. In the future, it will even be possible to use multiple smart home assistants next to each other. Because the products are connected to a local hub, they will also work without an internet connection. But most importantly, the consumer will benefit with more choice, simplicity and save costs. 

Nedis SmartLife and Matter?

So, unless the fact that all Nedis SmartLife products do work together in the Nedis SmartLife app, the plan is to launch new products that support Matter as well. Matter technology can be integrated into a variety of systems and devices, including lighting, appliances, security systems, and more. There are also many different smart home platforms and protocols available that allow diverse types of devices to communicate and work together.  

The products connect via Wi-Fi, ethernet, Tread or Bluetooth low energy. When possible, products will be upgraded to become Matter compatible. Also, new products will be introduced when upgrading is not possible. Nedis is currently working on Matter supported light bulbs, a gateway and radiator valves. 

Which products will quickly become Matter certified?

Bulbs, smart plugs, thermostats, and sensors.