Nedis® Bluetooth® speakers
a smooth way for audio play

With the simplicity of streaming music via your smartphone, anyone can easily enjoy and turn up their favourite tunes with a Bluetooth® speaker. Still it is not just about the device or even the music. The Bluetooth® speaker is a part of daily life, a reflection of personal lifestyle and individual preferences. The look, feel and specs are just as important for the complete experience, as the technique included in the speakers.

Nedis understands this and added different sizes, designs and features in our line-up of Bluetooth® speakers.

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Bluetooth® is a technique used in more than three billion devices worldwide.

Bluetooth® Audio

Let everyone enjoy their favourite tunes through speakers that are portable and lightweight, without the limitations of an electricity cable. With a playtime of several hours audio can go on without many moments of charging. Nedis® Bluetooth® speakers will fit a busy, sportive, fun, family and well any kind of lifestyle really!

Design speakers you can use anywhere

Next to these prior mentioned specs, design is an element of choice as well. Therefore the Nedis® Bluetooth® speaker range offers plenty of different looks. Design is expressed by using different colours, various styles and finishing material. The user can go for a modern look, a classy appearance or choose the material that fits the way of using the speaker the best.

Cube series

Cube-shaped Bluetooth® speakers in 6 different colours. Enjoy True Wireless Stereo: connect up to two speakers.

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Waterproof series

Great looking speakers to show of outdoors - or to use in a humid space such as the bathroom.

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Metal series

Eye catchers with an aluminium finish and fabric speaker covers in matching colours.

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Fabric series

Iconic thanks to the stylish fabic finish of each of these bluetooth® speakers that are available in different colours.

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Basic level series

A good value for money series of Bluetooth® speakers and an ideal solution for promotional sales.

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Other Bluetooth® Audio

Check out other appliances such as in-ear headphones or over-ear products.

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Type of features

Small, lightweight and wireless

Whether someone is going to the beach, singing their heart out in the shower, dancing in the kitchen or is organizing a late BBQ that can use a musical boost? It doesn’t matter, they can always find the perfect fit. Pick from different sizes and weights. Either go for a small speaker that is portable or choose a bigger robust appliance that is somewhat heavier, but just as easy to use.

After charging the Bluetooth® speakers you can listen to a playlist wirelessly for hours thanks to an implemented battery. The number of hours can depend per series. The speakers can also always be left plugged in so one can enjoy music endlessly.

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Some of our speakers support True Wireless Stereo. This feature gives you the possibility to connect up to two speakers! A smartphone - or any other device that is used to connect for streaming, can recognize the two Bluetooth® speakers as ‘one’ appliance and therefore it is possible to play the same song at the same time, from two speakers. Provide a living room, other places in the house or even the garden with TWS Bluetooth® speakers and create a stereo experience. Enjoy audio to its fullest!



Built-in microphone

Some speakers include a built-in microphone. Thanks to this feature the user also has the possibility to make a phone call through the speaker! Call friends or family easily with the equipped speakers or even have a group chat with multiple persons around the speaker.




A few raindrops won’t stop the party and no need to worry about humid spaces, like the bathroom. Nedis® offers a range of IPX4, IPX5 and IPX7 waterproof speakers. Which means it can be suitable for different types of water resistance levels; from splashes of water, to drops when it is raining. With the different degrees of IP (International Protection Marking) you can easily find the water resistance level that you are looking for.