High standards and regular tests

Nedis products are designed, developed and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. Every single part of our products is rigorously tested before being put on the market. We are continuously developing our systems to ensure that we can deliver outstanding performance with high reliability as well as a guarantee of product safety. This is how we ensure that you receive a top-quality product every time you buy from us.

Why compliance and quality as an assurance for our end-users?

Nedis has developed a proprietary approach for sourcing products, which includes:


Factory audits 

With special focus to RoHS capabilities and working conditions. 

Product enginering 

All aspects of the products are checked and approved before introduction. 

Analyzing product ideas

Selecting factories that offer the most appropriate product.

 Nedis's Quality  engineers work closely with suppliers and factories to ensure compliance to EU law, as well as specific features that make the product unique; these requirements are set out in detailed specifications which are reviewed by both parties at each stage of production. After production is complete, our professional QC inspection team conducts its controls before shipping the goods. This all results in a safe and happy end-user of Nedis products!




Quality as a part of our smart operation

In addition to the European Law, each country has its own regulations. This can make things complicated for us.
We have a compliance department that conducts product risk assessments and ensures that all Nedis products comply with the applicable laws and regulations of every country where they are sold. Our compliance engineers also ensure that our giftbox markings, instruction manuals and other documentation are compliant but also easy to read and understand.



FSC certified wood pulp

used in packaging

Natural ink

Used for packaging and manuals

Recycled packaging

Boxes are made of recycled materials

Replace plastic packaging

We replace plastic for biodegradable materials for packaging.

Smaller boxes

We like to ship products, not air

Digital manual

Only the minimum required info is in the printed manual. 

Suppliers visited by Chinese team

Less travelling from Europe to Asia

Reduce power usage

By sourcing products that use less energy, our products are eco-friendly. 

Supply chain transparency

Nedis is part of Amfori, a global platform from all parts of the world and their supply chains. It is our goal to be a leading supplier that supports you in your journey towards compliance. With our expertise and experience in this field we are convinced that together we can make it happen!

Since 2016 Nedis is part of BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) which ensures fair working conditions at all times within their supply chain. As an extra step towards transparency in terms of ethical trade policy we introduced Amfori BSCI along with our core values; Integrity & Respect for Employees & Suppliers as well as Sustainability & Innovation into every aspect surrounding us like customer relations or production processes - not just ethics but also quality assurance!


Demonstrating compliance

Nedis offers you a full range of product information to ensure compliance and quality of the product.


Declaration of Conformity

A Declaration of Conformity is a document issued by Nedis to certify that a consumer product meets the legal requirements and safety standards.

Declaration of Performance

A Declaration of Performance is provided by Nedis to declare the performance characteristics of products, ensuring they meet the requirements of applicable regulations and standards.

Safety Data Sheet

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) provides information on the safe handling, storage, and potential hazards of a chemical substance or mixture, ensuring the safety of users and the environment.

Energy Label

An energy label is a standardized label attached to appliances or products to provide information about their energy efficiency, helping consumers make informed choices and promoting energy-saving practices.

IUCLID files 

International Uniform Chemical Information Database files are standardized electronic documents used to collect and store data on chemical substances. They contain information such as composition, properties, and toxicological data for regulatory purposes and risk assessment of products according to REACH legislation

Manual and updates

The full instruction manual/user guide or latest firmware for your device is supplied with the Nedis products. 

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