Keep your wooden items intact

If you have wooden furniture, floors or musical instruments in your home, it is important to maintain the humidity. Humidity that is too low, will cause the wood to dry out and eventually even shrink and crack. With a humidifier you ensure that your wooden furniture does not dry out. Great, because that way you can enjoy it for longer. 

Take care of your plants and pets

Plants and animals also benefit from a humidifier. Plants dry out when the humidity is too low. This causes the leaves to droop and develop brown edges. And just like with people, it is possible that pets get respiratory problems. With a humidifier you ensure that your plants and animals enjoy an optimal climate.

Damp your place with cool mist and automatic humidity control

The ultrasonic humidifier from Nedis is a device designed to increase the humidity in a single room. Ultrasonic humidifiers use high frequency technology which sends off a vibration to the water. The water vibrates to move in tune with the vibration, breaks down into microscopic droplets and then transforms into vapour. The device releases the mist into the room, which almost instantly creates a cooler, more humid environment. It is recommended to use the device in rooms with a temperature below 20°C and a relative humidity lower than 80%.