The smart charging solution

Electronic and electronic related devices are principal to everyone’s lifestyle. Running out of power is inevitable and therefore charging should be as easy, fast and smart as possible.


One solution for all your devices

  • Easy; multifunctional and a reversible connector

  • Fast; up to 70% faster charging

  • Smart; power output adjusted to the device

Why choose USB Power Delivery?

Nowadays people are always on the move and they take their devices with them. It is important to keep things powered up to get the most out of every day. With Nedis® Power Delivery solutions you can facilitate this modern lifestyle and satisfy an everyday need.

With USB Power Delivery you can charge faster, safer and more sustainable than ever. With up to 100W power and its multifunctional nature, you have the solution for every device out there. Smartphones, tablets, laptops or audio devices, you name it. Complete your range with Power Delivery and don’t miss out on this future-proof sales opportunity.

USB Power Delivery

Big names such as Apple, LG, Google, Dell, many others and even more to follow, are integrating USB-C and Power Delivery into their products. The USB Power Delivery technology offers a lot of advantages, next to the established benefits of USB-C: Multifunctional, slim and already faster than its predecessors.



Power Delivery is easy

Every person has more and more different types of electronic devices. A laptop, smartphone, tablet, monitor, power bank and so on. Each device comes with its own cable and adapter, each device needs a different power input and each device has its own power need. With USB-C, a member of the USB family, this issue is shifting to one solid solution for the end-users.

USB-C-PD is multifunctional and can be used for charging, the exchange of data and is suitable for audio and visual appliances. This makes it an easy choice for manufacturers to include USB-C-PD in their devices. Next, to this it has a reversible insert, therefore you don’t have to check how to plug it in. Either way goes.

Another thing you do not have to worry about with USB-C-PD is the amount of power your device will receive. With the smart chipset it will recognize the device that is connected and will adjust the Wattage to the required volume.

Power Delivery is fast

With Power Delivery a person doesn’t have to worry about charging. Is a device running low? Charge it at high speed. The Power Delivery technology allows you to charge up to 70% faster. This without overloading the connector or the connected device, thanks to a smart chipset. Even with the increased speed, the USB-C-PD solutions are safer than previous USB products.

Power Delivery is smart

With different devices, it is sometimes hard to tell which connectors and cables are suitable. USB-C is on the rise to solve this with one solution that fits all, Power Delivery and its cleverness is a great extension. The smart chipset within USB-C-PD products makes sure that the connected device only gets the amount of power it is longing for. This ensures more safety, protects your devices and the lifetime of your appliances and will also save energy.

The last two are gaining importance looking upon it from an end-users point of view. A smartphone, smartwatch, wireless headphones or any other device can be quite expensive. And even if your customer did purchase a great bargain, he doesn’t want to decrease the lifetime of the regarding device. Power Delivery prevents a power overload. Next to the durability of your device this factor has another benefit: less energy consumption, a good old win-win. 

How to advice on Power Delivery?

An overview can always come in handy. Find out what to advice per USB-C cable or per PD charger.

Laptop 29-100W
Tablet 18-30W
Smartphone 18-30W
Small devices  18-30W

All Nedis® USB Power Delivery products meet re requirements of the USB Implementers Forum, Inc. The non-profit organization that supports the development of the USB technology and the implementation of those developments. A part of implementing and rolling out is compliance testing on:

  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Compatibility

USB-C is the thin and latest version within the USB range and comes with many benefits.

  • The multifunctional solution for charging, data and AV-support (Audio & Visual)
  • Faster than the previous USB generations
  • Thin and easy to incorporate into slim devices
  • Reversible insert, no up- or downside