Get comfortable and take it easy with Nedis SmartLife

When all basic needs are met, we like to make things comfortable and easy. Nedis SmartLife products do exactly that by enabling automations, voice control and any options to set your mood.


Comfortable environment

In winter, we all love to be warm and cosy. The Nedis SmartLife heaters can be used on its own or in combination with your other Nedis SmartLife devices. You can set schedules to turn off the heating when you leave or turn it on when you drive home and come into a warm house. You can adjust the temperature via the app or using your voice with your favourite voice assistant such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa.
The same can be done in hot summers when you want to have a cool environment. The air conditioners and fans are perfect to cooling rooms at home or in smaller offices quickly. And if you use schedules and automations, you don’t have to worry about using them.

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Let there be light!

Light up your home with a variety of lights from Nedis SmartLife. From light bulbs to light strips and decorative lighting, we have a wide range to choose from. Light bulbs can be used in your fixtures over the table, in your office or even in the bathroom. Using light strips is a great way to control how much light you want in a particular room, such as in the kitchen under the kitchen cabinets or in your gaming room. Light strips are thin strips of light that can be cut to length and easily installed anywhere. Even at your garden party or at Christmas, you'll want the Nedis SmartLife decorative lights to create an amazing atmosphere!


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Robot vacuum cleaner can sweep, vacuum and mop your home while you’re doing something else, or even when you are not at home. You can set a daily or weekly cleaning schedule or send the Robot vacuum cleaner directly to a specific spot in your home. No need for cleaning yourself, let your devices do the work.
Perhaps even more important for a comfortable place is clean, healthy air. The self-regulating humidifiers put you in control of your environment and automatically maintain a healthy, consistent atmosphere in your room. It is the best way to prevent the build-up of mould, moisture and mildew in your home.


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Flora and Fauna

In our daily lives we cannot forget about our furry friends and beautiful plants that need our attention. With these SmartLife solutions, you can help the flora and fauna in and around your home. Set schedules to feed your pets when you are not at home. You can programme exactly at what time of day a certain amount of food will be dispensed. Take optimal care of your plants and always provide them with the right amount of water. Thanks to the practical watering system, you’ll never have to worry about dead or weak plants again, even when you are on holiday or vacation. Easily set a schedule via the Nedis SmartLife app and enjoy healthy and green plants.

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