Get in control of your energy consumption with Nedis SmartLife

More than ever, we need to find a way to use energy more efficiently. Using only the electricity and heating you really need, will benefit both your wallet and the planet. To do this, you first need to get insight in your power consumption. Only then can you act accordingly and get it under control.

Know what is going on

Your energy bill shows the total energy consumption of your home but does not provide an overview of the appliances with their electricity consumption. In order to reduce your electricity consumption, you need to know which products use what amount of electricity. With a smart plug equipped with an energy monitor, you can measure how much electricity is being used at product level. This way, you will know whether it is worth the investment to replace your fridge or tumble dryer with a newer, more energy-friendly model. You can also use this smart plug to learn how much electricity is used during a product's standby period. You can respond by turning off the device or setting a schedule to turn it on when you need it.


Nedis SmartLife energy saving

Use your heating only when needed

In many cases, home heating is the biggest expense of your total energy bill. So, saving on heating has the biggest impact on the number below the line. You can already start saving without turning down the temperature. Simply turn on the heating per room only when needed. With our Nedis SmartLife radiator thermostat, you can open or close the radiator remotely, based on a schedule or in a trigger from another smart device (e.g., a sensor). Have it automatically turned off when you leave the house, or automatically turn on the heating in your office on Wednesdays when you work from home. This smart radiator valve even turns off the heating when it detects a temperature drop caused by an open window, to avoid useless heating.


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Automate your Energy saving

Dim or turn off the lights when you are not in the room, or lower the blinds to keep the heat out in summer This can easily be done by using your location in the app. When your phone leaves the property, your lights heating or fan will automatically turn off. Or use the local sunrise in your automation to turn off any bulbs or turn on when the sun goes down.


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