In today’s world of home automation, there is a wide variety of simple, fantastic ways to make your life at home a whole lot easier. With a growing assortment of home automation devices, you can now transform your house into a real smart, streamlined space, saving you tremendous time and energy. As it turns out, there’s one member of the household that also could benefit immensely from smart home technology: Cats & Dogs + all other pets that need to be fed!

Controllable via your smartphone using the Nedis® SmartLife app

With the Nedis SmartLife Pet Feeder, you can control your pet's meal from anywhere at any time with your smartphone both automatically and manually. This means that you are in full control of the times and exact portion sizes of your pets.


Don't you worry, if the container is completely empty, jammed or tipped over, you will receive a notification to inform you no food has come out.

Create a healthy habit for your pet(s)!

With this SmartLife Pet Feeder, you can set up an automatic feeding schedule by determining opening times and amounts to give. Stop your pet from overeating, but also keep them healthy and make sure they never miss a meal again.

Up to 5 meals per day, dividing the meal into 1 / 50 servings. 1 serving equals 10 grams. Besides the schedule you can always open and close the tray with your smartphone. Control their body weight and develop good eating habits that allow your pet to live a long and healthy life!

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