New feature in the Nedis SmartLife app: Energy Saving

Get insights in your energy consumption with the new energy saving advice feature in the Nedis SmartLife app. In order to reduce power consumption and costs, you’ll need knowledge of your electric appliances. Which product consumes the most electricity in your home? When is the product in use? 
The new feature will provide you with figures and visual representation of your usage. You can learn a lot about power management using this feature which is now available in the Nedis SmartLife app.

Provide insight

The app will give you data about your electricity use habits:
-    Provide insight in power usage and costs to help conserve power and lower your electricity costs
-    Get all energy data of multiple products in a single overview in the app
-    Set notification when the energy consumption limit is reached

How does it work?

You can easily connect your products to one of the power monitors or smart plugs from the Nedis SmartLife range. Products can send data about their usage to the Nedis SmartLife app. When you set your energy prices you will get a clear overview of your costs. When you use a plug or switch without a power monitor, you can set the wattage of the product in the app. The app will give you an estimation of the consumption of the product.



Basic or Subscription?

(free) Basic Functions:
-    The total energy consumption per day
-    Set the wattage of the product
-    The notifications when the set energy consumption per day, week or month has been reached.

Extra features with a subscription:
-    Total energy consumption per hour
-    The energy costs per hour or day based on entered energy prices
-    Comparisons to yesterday, last week or last month in a chart
-    Individual product details (consumption, cost and duration of last seven days in graphs).

Now & Next

This feature is available for power monitors, smart plugs and switches.
More products will be added starting from the end of December: 
-    Heaters and air conditioners with different states and their different wattages
-    Lighting (with the wattage when dimmed)
-    Other Nedis SmartLife products will be added with prefilled wattage values