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The hot air fryer is known as the solution and equivalent of the traditional deep-frying pan. Most people acknowledge the pros of air frying. Therefore the hot air fryer is gaining more and more popularity. Still, picking the best suitable air fryer isn’t always that easy. Nedis is offering different types of air fryers that offer you a great price-quality ratio, a guarantee for success, a modern design and are easy to use. 

The digital hot air fryer

With no less than 6 different programs this air fryer will offer any chef the right option for the dish in mind. With a timer, adjustable thermostat and rubber anti-slip feet, safety is guaranteed. In addition, cleaning is done in no time thanks to the dishwasher-safe parts and the non-stick coating. The digital screen offers all the information you need to monitor your tastiest dishes. With a capacity of 3 litres, suitable for 1 kilogram of food, the whole family can join the table in no time.

The hot air fryer

Do you want to start preparing food quickly and without fuss? This is possible with this simple, but handy hot air fryer. Dishwasher-safe parts ensure that the kitchen appliance is easy to clean - and the timer keeps you informed of the status of your fries, snacks, meat or vegetables. The choice of the colors white or black and the sleek design are making sure that this hot air fryer fits every kitchen. This kitchen appliance is suitable for 1 kilogram of food. 

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Patatas Bravas – a Spanish delight

The hot air fryer is a true solution. Cooking healthy meals doesn’t have to be a challenge anymore. This goes for Patatas Bravas as well, the famous dish from Spain. Do you want to know how you can easily make your own? 

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Burgers - the American Diner at home

Nowadays a tasty bite for friends or family can be prepared without having to be in the kitchen for a long time. In a fast, smart and safe way you can make delicious cheeseburgers. In the meantime, you can just continue your conversation and the hot air fryer will do the heavy work.

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Chicken wings – to share or to keep

Just preheat, wait 15 to 20 minutes and enjoy your delicious crispy pieces of chicken. How? With the hot air fryer of course. The only thing you have to worry about is whether you are going to share the chicken wings or not.

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The benefits of using a
hot air fryer

According to the manufacturers, vendors and also the users, frying in a hot air fryer offers a real solution to a number of problems that the classic frying pan had.

• You eat healthier from an air fryer
• You can do more than just frying
• The air fryer is easier to clean
• The air fryer emits less unpleasant scents
• The air fryer is safer to use
• The air fryer from Nedis® is affordable

Is a hot air fryer really healthier?

According to several producers, users and media, there are advantages associated with the use of the device. One of them is the idea that the food that is prepared in the hot air fryer is a lot healthier than the food that is fried, for example, in an old-fashioned chip pan. Is this true?
It has been the claim for a while: 'Up to 80% less fat'. A considerable amount, especially thinking of the current problems of unhealthy eating. The human and health format from The Netherlands has also done some investigation. This showed that, for example, fries per 100 grams contains 190 kCal less when it comes from a hot air fryer, than when it is baked in a chip pan. For a hamburger, a piece of meat, it quickly saves about 70kCal. We can, therefore, say that the air fryer is indeed healthier. 

Frequently asked questions about the hot air fryer

As the English name hot air fryer already indicates, the appliance uses hot air to prepare food. After some time preheating, different foods can enter the kitchen appliance through a drawer or container. The air is distributed by the device. Nevertheless, it is advisable to occasionally shake the foods that you are preparing. The temperature of heating is around 200 degrees, but there are different ways, settings and times of preparation. This makes it possible in addition to the French fries and the well-known snacks to simply bake, roast and grill, your meat, vegetables and other dishes.

It is almost better to ask; what can’t you do with a hot air fryer? The hot air fryers can bake, roast, grill, heat and of course fry. The kitchen appliance is therefore suitable for multiple times of the day. Prepare a delicious breakfast, extensive lunch, simple evening meal or tasty, and healthy, snacks in the air fryer.

You can’t go wrong with the various accessories. For example, choose the grill pan if you want to give your meat or fish a nice crisp layer or go for a rack so you can bake several baking products at the same time. A basket makes shaking up fries easy and making an oven dish is not a challenge with a deep baking sheet.

One of the advantages is the ease with which you can clean your hot air fryer. Thanks to the non-stick coating you can clean the inside without scrubbing. Furthermore, the dishwasher-safe parts make life a little easier. Cleaning by hand? No problem. The loose parts are easy to degrease with detergent and hot water. An ordinary washing-up brush or sponge is sufficient. This means you do not have to worry about steel sponges or tricky brushes.

The exterior of the air fryer is easy to keep clean because of the streamlined design. In addition, this hot air fryer requires much less fat than a regular deep fryer. This can be noticed when you clean the air fryer with a simple dishcloth - and to avoid stripes you could dry it with a dish towel or piece of paper.