Computer and Mobile/Gaming/Microphones

Gaming Microphone

Used for: Desktop / Notebook | USB Type-A | On/Off switch | POP Filter


Vendor Part Number: GSMIC210BK
EAN number: 5412810448739
• RGB illuminated USB streaming desk stand microphone with pop filter
• Cardioid recording pattern ensures that you get high-quality recordings by isolating your voice from background noise
• Being able to adjust the microphone’s angle gives the ideal recording position to capture audio perfectly
• Touch mute / unmute button on top of the microphone with a clearly visible light indicator
• Easy to use with a plug-and-play USB connection
• Can be attached to any compatible microphone arm, using the universal 5/8'' screw mount
• Extra long detachable USB cable to place the microphone anywhere on your desk
• Ideal for streaming, vlogging, gaming and general sound recordings