Computer and Mobile/Power Supply/Powerbanks


32000 mAh | 2.4 / 3.0 / 3.25 A | Number of outputs: 2 | Output connection: 1x USB-A / 1x USB-C™ | Input connection: 1x Micro USB / 1x USB-C™ | PD3.0 45W / PD3.0 65W | Lithium-Polymer


Vendor Part Number: UPBK65W30000BK
EAN number: 5412810443901
• High-capacity Powerbank to fast-charge your USB-C laptop or MacBook on the go
• Compatible with all USB-C type laptops and MacBooks up to 65W with Power Delivery
• Can be also be used for charging phones and tablets via USB-C and USB-A ports
• One 65W USB-C™ port (for Power Delivery) and one 18W USB-A™ (for Quick Charge)
• Can charge two devices at once
• Carries enough power to charge a phone up to 12 times, a tablet up to 4 times and a notebook up to 2 times
• LED level indicator lets you know when it’s time to recharge