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LAN | Cable | Tester

Brand: Nedis Article number: NWCTM100BU EAN number: 5412810305735

LAN | Cable | Tester

Vendor Part Number: NWCTM100BU
EAN number: 5412810305735
This ergonomic multi tester with handle tests RJ45, RJ11, USB and UTP/FTP/STP cables and uses LED lights to display the results such as incorrect connections and open, short, crossover and grounding tests.

• Test RJ45, RJ11, BNC and USB A-B cables easily • For cables up to 180 m (600 ft.) • LED display

Package contents

Multi tester*
Storage bag
Quick start guide

9-V battery required, not incl.

General information

• Normal Connection Display
• Open-circuit/Short-circuit Test and Display
• Cross/Wrong Connection Test and Display
• Shield/Grounding Test and Display

• With new ergonomics design and portable handle
• Easy to test exactly pin configuration of RJ45, RJ11, USB and BNC Cable
• Identify exactly all kinds of trouble continuously, such as incorrect connection, open, short, crossover and grounding test
• Display testing result by LED layer by layer
• Test cables installed from a distance either on wall plate or patch panel
• With locking function under the state of low battery
• Maximum cable length: 600 ft (± 180mtr)

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