HDMI™ Splitter | 2-Port - 1x HDMI™ Input | 2x HDMI™ Output | 4K@30Hz

Brand: Nedis Article number: VSPL3462AT EAN number: 5412810320066

HDMI™ Splitter | 2-Port - 1x HDMI™ Input | 2x HDMI™ Output | 4K@30Hz

Vendor Part Number: VSPL3462AT
EAN number: 5412810320066
With this Nedis® HDMI™ 1 to 2 splitter you can play movies, give presentations, show pictures, play videogames or duplicate other content from an HDMI™ supported device on 2 other monitors, TVs or other HDMI™ supportive screens simultaneously. The HDMI™ splitter boosts the signal, which allows you to use longer cables without signal degradation.

4K@30Hz and 3D - And while this splitter supports up to 4K@30Hz resolution, the resolution shown is the resolution of the output device. So, if the output device only has a resolution of Full HD (1080p), and the second screen has a 4K resolution, the 1080p resolution will be shown. The same goes for 3D images and videos.

Plug and Play - With its simple plug and play installation it is easy to set it up and to operate. Simply connect your primary HDMI™ device to a maximum of two other HDMI™ supportive screens. Please note that the screen content is duplicated and not extended.

Broad Compatibility - Beause this splitter supports 4K@30Hz, 3D and HDMI™ 1.2 / 1.3 / 1.4, it is compatible with a lot of different screens and devices. For example, duplicate screens from devices with a HDMI™ input: Computer, XBox 360, XBox one, PS3, PS4 Pro, Fire Stick, Blu-Ray DVD player, Satellite Receiver, Route Roku, Chromecast, PC, Projectors etc. Output: HD-Ready, Full HsD TVs, Apple TV, Samsung TV, monitors etc.

Power Adapter - An external power adapter is included with this Nedis® HDMI™ splitter, with this external adapter you don’t have to depend on the power of the HDMI™ devices.

Doesn’t support - Doesn’t support ultra HD 4K@60Hz (3840 x 2160), meaning it transmits 60 images per second, devices that support HDR (High Dynamic Range) and doesn’t support ARC (Audio Return Channel).

• Supports - 4K@30Hz, 3D, HDMI™ 1.2 / 1.3 / 1.4 and HDCP • EDID function - Set a fixed resolution for all connected devices and screens • Plug and play - Easy installation and operation • Duplicates 1 HDMI™™ output into 2 HDMI™ outputs • Amplifies the digital video signal

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Package contents

Power adapter
Quick start guide

Product specifications

Power plug Euro / Type C (CEE 7/16)
Material Metal
Packaging Gift Box
Outside material Metal
Function control Automatic
Device type Splitter
Ports 2-Port
Colour Dark Grey
Connection output 2x HDMI Output
Supported technology HDCP
HDCP version HDCP 1.4 Compatible
Power consumption 5 W
Data rate 3.4 Gbps
Height 15 mm
Width 75 mm
Connection input 1x HDMI
Version 4K
Bandwidth 340 MHz
Length 48 mm
Electronic device type 4K HDMI
Maximum resolution 4K@30Hz
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