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Motion Detector | 3-Wire Installation | Adjustable Time and Ambient Light Settings

Brand: Nedis Article number: PIRII41WT EAN number: 5412810310531

Motion Detector | 3-Wire Installation | Adjustable Time and Ambient Light Settings

Vendor Part Number: PIRII41WT
EAN number: 5412810310531
This Nedis® infrared motion sensor prevents the light from burning inadvertently, which is good for the environment - not to mention for your energy bills.
It also adds the convenience of not having to turn the light on manually
The sensor has adjustable time delay and light sensitivity settings and is also equipped with an on/off/PIR switch at the front.
The infrared motion sensor is easy to install in a standard built-in box with a minimum installation depth of 30 mm (mounting holes 60 mm between the centres). This model is suitable for 3-wire installations (live, neutral and switch wire).

• 3-wire installation • Adjustable ambient light setting • Adjustable time delay setting • Built-in depth of only 30 mm • Mounting holes 60 mm between centres, fitting regular installation boxes

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Package contents

Infrared motion sensor
Quick start guide

Product specifications

Colour White
Appliance Indoor
Height 79 mm
Input voltage 230 VAC 50 Hz
Width 79 mm
Weight 73 g
Sensor Technology PIR
Temperature range -20-40 °C
Functions Motion Sensor
Adjustable Light Sensitivity
Adjustable Timer
Sensor reach 0.0 - 9.0 m
Twilight setting 2 - 2000 lx
Maximum output power fluorescent lamp 100W
Time setting 10 sec - 7 min
Horizontal angle of coverage 160 °
Montage Installation
Depth 45 mm
Maximum output power incandescence lamp 500W
Maximum output power filament bulbs 5 - 300W
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