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CA6520/00 Senseo® Liquid Descaler

Brand: Philips Article number: CA652000 EAN number: 8710103885412

CA6520/00 Senseo® Liquid Descaler

Nedis Number: CA6520/00 Vendor Part Number: CA6520/00
EAN number: 8710103885412
Sensational freshly brewed coffee! Descaler for all SENSEO® coffee machines

SENSEO® Descaler CA6520/00 removes limescale from your SENSEO® coffee machine so that you can fully enjoy the fresh taste of SENSEO® coffee.
Regular descaling prolongs the life of your SENSEO® coffee machine.

Easy storage
Convenient resalable bottle for easy storage

Easier than ever!
The Senseo Liquid Descaler comes with clear instructions for use, enabling quick, easy and safe decalcification.

Easy decalcification
Ready made liquid formula for easy decalcification

Coffee temperature and volume
Liquid descaler cleans up internal circuit of your appliance ensuring perfect coffee volume at the right temperature

Optimal Coffee Taste
Descaling regularly with the Senseo Liquid Descaler will: ensure you have maximum cup volume, ensure you have optimal coffee temperature, prevent limescale from clogging your Senseo appliance, prolong your Senseo machine lifetime

Descale regularly
Descale regularly to ensure right coffee temperature

Developed for Senseo
The formula of this Senseo Liquid descaler has been developed specifically for Senseo appliances. Use only Senseo approved descaler; vinegar or any other descalers might damage your machine.

Regular Descaling
Descale your Senseo appliance at least once every 3 months to keep your appliance in top conditions and make sure your coffee always tastes the best.
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Package contents

1x Descaler Bottle

Product specifications

Weight 289 g
Number of Products in Package 1 pcs
Contents 250 ml
Application Senseo Machine
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