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AC Window Seal

400 cm | for Turn / Tilt windows

Brand: Nedis Article number: ACWS4M EAN number: 5412810333844

AC Window Seal

400 cm | for Turn / Tilt windows

Vendor Part Number: ACWS4M
EAN number: 5412810333844
This Nedis® AC window seal offers a great solution if you don't want to drill a hole for the Airco's exhaust hose but still want to get rid of the hot air via your window.

Because to optimize the cooling performance of a mobile air conditioner it's important to keep the heat outside. Doors and windows need to be closed as much as possible.

Suitable for all commonly-used window types and sizes with a maximum perimeter of 400 cm. Turn/tilt, left or right hinged, it just doesn't matter.

The seal is easy to install and no tools are needed. Just stick the self adhesive hook tape to the window frame and the window itself, connect the seal to it and hang the exhaust hose in beteen the zips.

An added benefit of using the window seal is that insects don't have a chance to get indoor.

• Length of 400 cm - suitable for most common window types • Polyester Fabric - made of a strong and durable material • Easy to install - no tools needed • Keep insects outside - by sealing the window, insects will have no chance to come indoor via the opened window

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Package contents

Window seal
Self adhesive tape
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