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Chocolate Fontains

90 W | 320 mm | Red / White

Brand: Nedis Article number: FCCF100FRD EAN number: 5412810322497

Chocolate Fontains

90 W | 320 mm | Red / White

Vendor Part Number: FCCF100FRD
EAN number: 5412810322497
This Nedis® chocolate fountain is going to be a hit, whether you’re throwing a party, plan a home-made high tea or surprise your guests with an after-dinner treat.
Melt your favourite chocolate and pour it into the base of the fountain. You're now ready to start dunking and dipping sliced fruit, marshmallows, cookies or whatever satisfies your chocolate cravings.
This chocolate fountain has 3 tiers with enough space in between for big strawberries or chunky cake. And, speaking of pieces of cake, the fountain itself is removable and the parts are machine washable.

You can use any kind of chocolate you like; white, milk or dark.
It is recommended that you use chocolate made specifically for chocolate fountains. These have a high cocoa content.
Melt the chocolate, adding a little sunflower oil or milk to the melted chocolate in case it seems too thick! Use at least 500 grams of chocolate or 500 ml. of liquid chocolate to make the fountain work optimally.
Although the chocolate fountain can melt solid pieces of chocolate, it is advisable to melt the chocolate before use so that you can turn on the motor immediately and enjoy the running chocolate as soon as possible.
Tip for cleaning: clean while the chocolate is still liquid.

• Easy to clean - all top parts are removable and machine washable • Hygienic - made of plastics and stainless steel • Nice, retro design and colours • 3 tiers with wide openings - plenty of room for chunky ingredients • Keeps chocolate at a constant temperature

Package contents

Chocolate fountain
Quick start guide

Product specifications

Colour White
Material Metal
Power plug Type F (CEE 7/7)
Maximum power consumption 90 W

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