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KIT15 Allergy Kit for CX7, HX6 and QX8

Brand: Electrolux Article number: 9001689190 EAN number: 7319599032327

KIT15 Allergy Kit for CX7, HX6 and QX8

Nedis Number: 9001689190 Vendor Part Number: KIT15
EAN number: 7319599032327
With the Allergy Kit, you have the essential tools to remove dust and fine particles. It is specifically intended for those corners where dust is difficult to reach.

This kit includes:
- 1 x Brush for delicate surfaces: removes dust and fine particles with soft bristles, ideal for dusting blinds, shades and frames.
- 1 x Crevice nozzle: Crevice nozzle to efficiently suck up dust and particles in narrow and hard-to-reach places, under furniture and between furniture for example.
- 1 x Bed Pro Mini: gentle cleaning of beds and sofas. Removes dust and particles from your bedding and upholstery.
- 1 x Rapido / HX6 adapter

Fits: CX7, HX6 and QX8
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Product specifications

Colour Blue
Height 95 mm
Packaging Gift Box
Depth 140 mm
Width 390 mm
Weight 810 g

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