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SmartLife Personal Scale

Bluetooth® | BMI / BMR / Bones / Fat / Muscles / Water / Weight | 12 | Peak load: 180 kg | Android™ / IOS | ABS / Glass | White


Vendor Part Number: BTHPS11WT
EAN number: 5412810450831
• Multifunctional Bluetooth® smart scale
• 16 measurement functions give you comprehensive body analysis in the SmartLife app
- Weight, BMI and daily calorie requirements
- Fat percentage (subcutaneous and visceral fat), muscle and bone mass
• Nedis SmartLife app shows line chart analysis and history data review
• Clear, digital, white LED display
• Auto user recognition and large data storage and multiple user profiles (up to 12 persons memory)
• 6mm tempered safety glass platform with a maximum of 180 kg
• High accuracy with 4 High precision strain gauge sensor
• Syncs with Fitbit
Experience a revolution in personal health management with our Nedis multifunctional Bluetooth® smart scale, designed to empower you with comprehensive body analysis. With 16 measurement functions, including weight, BMI, daily calorie requirements, fat percentage (subcutaneous and visceral fat), muscle mass, and bone mass, this smart scale offers unparalleled insights into your health journey.

Our Nedis SmartLife app seamlessly integrates with the scale, providing intuitive line chart analysis and easy access to historical data. Visualize your progress effortlessly and stay motivated on your fitness goals. The scale features a clear, digital, white LED display for effortless reading and boasts auto user recognition and large data storage. With support for up to 12 user profiles, this scale is perfect for families or fitness enthusiasts sharing their wellness journey.

Crafted with precision, the scale's 6mm tempered safety glass platform offers both durability and style. Equipped with 4 high precision strain gauge sensors, our smart scale ensures high accuracy, enabling you to track your progress with confidence. Plus, it effortlessly syncs with Fitbit, seamlessly integrating into your existing fitness routine.

Discover the ease of monitoring your health with our Nedis Multifunctional Bluetooth® Smart Scale and the comprehensive body analysis.

• Weight

• BMI - Shows the ratio between your height and weight. This way you can easily calculate whether your weight is right in relation to your height

• Body Fat % - a percentage indicating how much fat your body contains

• Body Water % - a percentage indicating how much water your body contains

• Skeletal Muscle % - called the total weight of all muscles in the body - consists of skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle and smooth muscle

• Bone % - an important measurement to analyse whether our bones are healthy. The exact weight or mass of our bones varies from person to person, making it smart to check on a regular basis to see if our bone mass is healthy

• Bone Salt Content - bone salt determines the bone strength. Nutrition metabolism and elder age will change bone salt content, this index indicates whether we should control salt intake to avoid osteoporosis

• Protein % - Protein deficiency can be linked to an increase in body fat. The protein percentage in our bodies is identical for men and women

• Muscle % - Muscle mass includes skeletal muscles, smooth muscles (such as heart and digestive muscles) and the water in your muscles. Muscles act as a motor in your use of energy. As your muscle mass increases, the rate at which you burn energy (calories) increases

• Visceral Fat Index - The amount of visceral fat in the body. Unlike the fat percentage measurement, visceral fat only measures the amount of fat that surrounds the organs in the abdomen

• Subcutaneous Fat - Subcutaneous fat is a type of fat stored just under your skin. Your skin consists of three layers - the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is the deepest layer of your skin

• Lean Body Mass - Your lean mass is your body weight minus your fat mass. This measures not only your visible fat, but also fat that surrounds your organs.
• Metabolic Body Age - a calculation that allows you to compare the physical condition of the body with your actual calendar age

• Somatotype - the names to designate a person's physique (somatotype). Briefly, an 'ecto' denotes a tall, lean person. A "meso" is athletically built and an "endo" is somewhat short, fat person. Your body type affects your training and nutrition

• BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) - The minimum number of calories the body needs each day for its metabolism to function properly at rest

• AMR (Active Metabolic Rate) - BMR plus the number of calories needed each day for basic exercise and other activities. Because the AMR depends on your daily activity, it will be higher when you exercise more


Package contents

Personal Scale
User manual

Retail package dimensions Giftbox

Width Height Length
325 mm 35 mm 315 mm

Logistic dimensions

Packed per Width Height Length Weight
1 40 mm 320 mm 330 mm 1980 g
5 335 mm 210 mm 340 mm 10280 g

Product specifications

Width 302 mm
Height 25 mm
Depth 302 mm
Weight 1696 g
Colour White
Material ABS
Maximum transmit power 4 dBm
Maximum transmit antenna gain 0 dBi
Supported wireless technology Bluetooth®
Power source type Battery Powered
Maximum power consumption 300 W
App available for Android™
Auto switch off Yes
Transmit frequency range 2402 - 2480 MHz
Weighing units Kg
Scale function Weight
Body Fat %
Body Water %
Skeletal Muscle %
Bone %
Bone Salt Content
Protein %
Muscle %
Visceral Fat Index
Subcutaneous Fat
Lean Body Mass
Body Age
Material weighing platform Tempered Glass
Maximum weighing capacity 180 kg
Weighing accuracy 100 g
Analog or digital Digital
Units Kg
Accuracy 100 mg
Peak load 180 kg
Person recognition Yes
Safe to use with pacemaker No
Body analysis BMR
Number of Products in Package 1 pcs
Input voltage 6 V DC
Required batteries (not included) 4x AAA/LR03
Input current 6 A
SmartLife Yes
Maximum number of people to memorize 12
Display size 32 x 85 mm
Memory slots 12