Lighting/Fixtures/Ground Lights

Smartlife Outdoor Light

360 lm | Zigbee 3.0 | 10 + 4 W | RGB / Warm White | 2700 K | Aluminium | Android™ / IOS


Vendor Part Number: ZBLOP10RGBW
EAN number: 5412810444441
• Smart Zigbee pillar garden light (60cm)
• Warm White and RGB colours with a life time of 30.000 hours
• Plug & play: connects directly with your Wi-Fi through the Zigbee gateway
• Ideal to be used in places with a weaker internet connection
• Zigbee protocol can connect multiple devices in one single network
• Zigbee lights are very energy-efficient
• Dimmable via the Nedis SmartLife App after installing product via Nedis gateway
• Set-up time schedules when to switch the light on or off
• Supports voice control - in combination with Amazon Alexa or Google Home