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LED Bulb E27

A60 | 4.9 W | 470 lm | 3000 K | White | Retro Style | Frosted | Motion detection | 1 pcs


Vendor Part Number: LBPE27A601
EAN number: 5412810402113
• Energy saving LED lamp with PIR motion sensor
• Automatically switches on when movement is detected within 4 meters
• Automatically switches off after 1 minute when no movement is detected
• Detection angle of 120°
• Warm with light of 3000K
• Low in power consumption: good for the environment and your wallet
• Very long life time of over 15.000 hours
This LED lamp with a E27 base is not only very economical in consumption, but also has a PIR motion detector. This motion detector works up to a distance of ± 4 meters and detects movements by means of infrared signals. The motion detector has a spreading angle of 120 degrees and stays on for 1 minute after it detects movement. The motion detector must be open and exposed. If the sensor is covered by eg a lampshade, the sensor will not work. Even in daylight, the lamp will not turn on automatically.

This LED lamp with 3000K warm white light color consumes 4.9 watts and has 470 lumens. This is comparable to an old halogen lamp or incandescent lamp of about 40W. This saves direct energy consumption and thus also energy costs.