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Wildlife Camera | 12 Mpixel | 55° Viewing Angle | 25m Motion Detection

Brand: Nedis Article number: WCAM22GN EAN number: 5412810274321

Wildlife Camera | 12 Mpixel | 55° Viewing Angle | 25m Motion Detection

Vendor Part Number: WCAM22GN
EAN number: 5412810274321
Mount this wildlife camera to a tree and capture up-close video images of animals in the wild. The camera features night vision and a splendid trigger time so no more excuses to miss that one shot.

• 12 MP resolution for high-quality images • Video resolution of 1280x720 • Integrated LCD display + controls for great ease of use • Records video images and sound

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Package contents

Digital camera
USB cable
Mounting strap
Quick start guide

Product specifications

IP rating IP44
Camera design Miniature
Type Stand-Alone
Interface USB
Storage type SD
Battery type 4x AA/LR6
8x AA/LR6
Night vision 10.0 m
Colour Leaves
Image chip 1/2.5 CMOS
Operating temperature -20 - 60 °C
Viewing angle 52 °
Megapixel 12.0 MPixel
Detector range 25.0 m
Detector angle 55 °
Video resolution 1280x720
Screen size 1.4"
Feature Very low Energy Consumption
Input voltage 6 VDC

Frequently asked questions

Set the switch to setup
press menu.
Use up and down to scroll through the main menu.
Press ok to enter a certain menu.
Use left and right to change the value of the particular option.
This option allows you to give a camera aunique name so you can keep multiple camera's apart.
- Set the switch to setup (middle position)
- Press menu
- Use up and down to go to camera mode
- use left and right to change it to video if needed.
- Press down to set the clock. press enter to go into the date and time menu.
- Exit this menu and go to video size and select the resolution you want (1280x720 is the highest resolution)
- The next option is the video length. How long do you want it to record after a detection.
- Timelapse is an option that will have the camera take picture every 5 minutes (or 10, 15, 20 etc) and then stitches it into a video.
- PIR trigger: here you can set the sensitivity of the motion detection.
- PIR interval sets how often you want to scan with motion detection.
- Camera position is only a tag you can give your camera if you have more than one camera (camera 1 , camera 2 etc)
Difference between photo sizes: the resolution of the photo or video
Taking multiple photo's in rapid succession
Lower resolution means lower quality but you can store more video on your memory card, We recommend 1280x720 for best results
PIR is the motion detection. Turn it on to make the camera record when it sees motion
mode is photo or video (do you want it to record a photo, video or both?)
This is for manual recording. typically this is not used.
to turn the camera on and off
that's up to you. there is no right or wrong.
timelapse is a mode that takes pictures at certain intervals. Afterwards you can play this as a video. it looks like it is fast forwarded.
high is sensitive: it will respond to smaller movements.
how often do you want it to scan for movement.
It's the name of the camera, it is easier to keep multiple camera's apart.
Sometimes the IR filter is in front of the lens, when the camera is turned off. The camera is not faulty. When the camera is on, it will fix itself to the right place in front of the lens.
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