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Smoke Detector | EN14604 | Connectable | Set of 2 Detectors

Brand: Nedis Article number: DTCTSC10WT2 EAN number: 5412810269181

Smoke Detector | EN14604 | Connectable | Set of 2 Detectors

Vendor Part Number: DTCTSC10WT2
EAN number: 5412810269181
The smoke alarm increases home safety. It is provided with a learning button that wirelessly interconnects to an unlimited number of DTCTSC10WT smoke alarms. If one device detects smoke, it sends out a signal through radio frequency which activates the others as well. Also equipped with test button and low-battery alert.

• Duo-pack Wireless Interconnectable Smoke Alarm

Package contents

2x smoke detector
2x 9-V battery
6x 1.5-V AA battery
Mounting materials

Product specifications

Colour White
Operating temperature -10 - 40 °C
Sound 85 dB
Detector type Smoke
Wireless technology 433 MHz
Sensor life cycle 10 year
EN-compliant EN14604
Type Connectable
Maximum radio transmit power 7.84 dBm
Antenna gain 2.15 dBi
Frequency range 433.05 - 434.79 MHz
Batteries included 2x 9V/6F22
6x AA/LR6
Input voltage 9 VDC

Frequently asked questions

It's possible that some dust got into the sensor. Try to give it some clean air.
Do not mount the sensors in a place with a draft.
First remove the batteries and re-pair them with the main unit one by one.

If this does not help, replace the batteries.
A beep every 40 seconds means you have to replace the 9V battery.
If it has multiple beeps every 60 seconds, replace the AA batteries.

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