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SmartLife Video Doorbell

Wi-Fi | Transformer | Android™ / IOS | Full HD 1080p | Cloud Storage (optional) / microSD (not included) | IP54 | With motion sensor | Night vision | Black / Grey

Brand: Nedis Article number: WIFICDP10GY EAN number: 5412810311323

SmartLife Video Doorbell

Wi-Fi | Transformer | Android™ / IOS | Full HD 1080p | Cloud Storage (optional) / microSD (not included) | IP54 | With motion sensor | Night vision | Black / Grey

Vendor Part Number: WIFICDP10GY
EAN number: 5412810311323
With this Nedis® SmartLife video doorbell you always know there’s someone at your door, no matter where you are. As soon as your visitor rings the doorbell or, thanks to motion detection, even approaches your front porch, you’ll receive a push notification on your smartphone. You can then start a video call, asking the courier to drop off the parcel at your neighbours or tell that salesman you’re not interested - all without opening the door.

Given that you’re able to respond from any location in the world as long as your smartphone has an internet connection, this also increases home security, by making it seem like you’re at home.
The Full HD camera (1080p) has a 130° viewing angle and supports night vision, enabling you to clearly see who is at your door 24 hours a day.

No worries if you don’t have time to answer the door. The images are stored on a microSD card so you can watch them any time you like.

The wireless video doorbell is easy to install by using the wires of your existing doorbell, you just need to remove the existing wired chime. Including angle adjustment to always mount the doorbell in an optimal position.
Expand this video doorbell with our Nedis® doorbell unit (WIFICDPC10BK) to hear the chime even if your smartphone is switched off.

• Sends push notifications to your smartphone if someone approaches (motion detection) or rings the bell • Motion detection can also be deactivated (e.g. if your door faces the street directly) • 2-way communication to talk to your visitors wherever you are • Full HD recording (1080p) and digital zoom on your smartphone for a detailed view • Powered by 12 - 24 V AC - use the wires of your existing wired doorbell (age and length of the electric wires can result in power loss) • Recordings are stored on a MicroSD card up to 128 GB (not incl.) - watch back what happened • Angle adjustment included for an optimal viewing angle • Integrated in the Nedis® SmartLife app • Expandable with wireless door chime (WIFICDPC10BK - not incl.) so you'll hear the doorbell when you're at home, no matter where your phone is

Package contents

Video doorbell
Wall bracket
Angle adjustment adapter
Installation materials
Quick start guide

Product specifications

Colour Black
Maximum transmit antenna gain 0 dBi
Power cable side B Micro USB
Power cable side A USB
Material Plastic
Maximum power consumption 4 W
Cloud Recording Functionality Yes
Compatible with Nedis® SmartLife
Input current 1 A
Wireless technology Wi-Fi
Maximum resolution Full HD 1080p
Night vision 10 m
With motion sensor Yes
Maximum transmit power 18 dBm
Lens 3.2 mm
Adjustable volume Yes
Viewing angle 130 °
Accessories Angle Adjustment
Device power input connection(s) 2-Wire
Power source type Transformer
App available for Android™
Image chip 1/2.9” CMOS
Transmit frequency range 2400 - 2484 MHz
Storage type microSD (not included)
Cloud Storage (optional)
IP rating IP54
Number of melodies 4 Melodies
Operating temperature range -20 - 50 °C
Input voltage 12 - 24 V AC

Frequently asked questions

This video doorbell can indeed be powered by the existing doorbell transformer (12 - 24 VA/1A). But it is necessary to bypass or remove the wired gong so that the video doorbell is connected directly and exclusively to the doorbell transformer.
This can be used to provide the camera with power during testing before mounting it next to the door.
No, it does not have an internal battery and it needs to be connected to power at all times.
No, this device is not compatible with Google/NEST Home (HUB)
The videostream is at moment not working with Google/NEST Hub.
The video doorbell does not receive enough power. Typically this is due to loss on the cables. A power supply with a higher Voltage and Amperage can compensate for this loss.
Plaats de gong zo dicht mogelijk bij de video deurbel tijdens de installatie
Druk kort op de knop van de gong zodat het blauwe lampje blijft knipperen. Als u meerdere heeft laat u ze allemaal knipperen.
Ga naar het menu van de deurbel zelf (tik op deurbel: live beeld > rechtsboven op "pen met streepje"
Ga naar instellingen bel
Als er reeds een menu staat (tone, volume etc) dan drukt u eerst op verwijderen
Druk dan op toevoegen.
Vrijwel direct verschijnt het menu.
Ga terug naar het hoofdmenu en test de deurbel.

- Go to the settings menu of the video doorbell

- Select doorbell settings

- Place the gong really close to the doorbell

- Give the button on the bottom of the gong a short press: the light will start flashing.

- Press the "add" button in the app (remove the tone/volume menu first if it is already there)

- The menu will appear.

- Select another tone and ring the doorbell to test
See if it resets if you connect it to a USB charger. If it does, then you will need to replace the power supply. The current power supply is not able to get enough power to the video doorbell.
Your power supply can't provide enough power to the WIFICDP10GY. Please upgrade your power supply to compensate for the loss of the cables. We recommend a 12VAC/1A or higher power supply.
An automation can be used to make a certain "event"(condition), trigger another action (Task)
A condition can be anything from motion detection, to a certain time, a certain temperature, sunrise.
Then you can make this condition turn on lights, turn on smart plugs, make a siren sound or a combination of multiple tasks.
No, unfortunately this is not possible at the moment.
Record and save the clips in the app itself (playback menu) and it will be saved to the ALBUM folder in the app.
From here you can save it to your mobile device.
Unfortunately it's currently not possible to access it this way.
We are looking to add this functionality in the future.
Yes you can, simply install them like you would install a single one.
The difference is that you need to make all the gongs blink at the same time before you press add in the app.
No, you can't change the volume of the doorbell.
Yes you can.
Each person needs a unique account on their mobile device.
To add them as "family members" follow these steps:
In the main screen of the app tap on the name of your home (top left)
Tap on Home management
Tap on the name of your home again.
Tap on "add family members" and fill in the account details of the person you want to add.
It will give them access to all the devices in your home as a normal meber or admin (you can select this)

If you only want to share a single device in a home, go to the settings menu of the device and select "share device" -> add member.
If your phone is locked, you will only get a notification.
You can tap on this notification to go directly to the live view of the doorbell.
If the app is opened, you will get a screen as if someone is calling you.
The port is located on the bottom of the doorbell.
Use this port with a micro USB charger to install it indoors.
After it's installed you can mount it on the door again.
These type of cards can have compatibility issues and we recommend you use a regualr speed Class 10 card.
Please try the EZ mode installation

Reset the camera by holding down the reset button until you hear the sound

Open the app and tap + > camera > tap on QR code and select EZ mode > confirm it was reset > fill in the credentials of your 2.4Ghz wifi network > the installation will start: immediately walk towards your router with your phone to aid the installation
Use a Class 10 SD card up to 128GB.
Avoid so called "Ultra" or "Extreme"cards.
These fast cards often have compatibility issues.
You can add maximum 20 members.
This optional Cloud service can be added per camera.
Each individual camera will need it's own subscription.
Go to the live view of the camera
Tap on playback
Scroll through the timeline until you found the clip you want to save.
It will start playing
Press record
When you have reached the end of what you want to record, press record again and it will be saved to your mobile device.
You can bypass this error message.

- Click on OK and go on with the installation and follow the instructions.

Because your password or SSID is more than 20 characters, the QR-code that is generated by the app get smaller and it is more difficult for the camera too scan the QR-code.
The chance of errors while scanning are higher.

If the QR-code can't be scanned, you can use the SmartConfig mode.

tap "+" -> camera -> other (top right) -> SmartConfig and follow the steps in the app.
The length of your password/SSID does not matter when using this method.
Yes, Open te live stream of the camera.
Tap on Purchase VAS.
Here you can subcribe to the cloud storage service.
There is a 30 day free trail you can try.
This is probably a Wifi problem, this can be for various reasons.
1.) Wifi signal is unstable.
2.) Wifi signal is too weak.
3.) Using an access point with the same SSID and password that do not support the IEEE 802.11R standards.

Problem 1 can often be solved by restarting the router.
Problem 2 can be checked with an app Wifi analyzer with this the signal can be viewed and corrected to a better position.
Problem 3 can be checked as the access points are turned off, the Wifi signal is still good and the connection remains if the access points are a problem, a Mesh solution can then be used.
Please make sure that they support IEEE 802.11R standard.

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