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SmartLife Pet Food Dispenser

Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder | Wi-Fi | 3.7 l | Android™ / IOS


Vendor Part Number: WIFIPET10CWT
EAN number: 5412810328468
• Automatically feed your pets set quantities on set times
• Remotely feed your pets the preferred amount
• Set portion sizes in steps of approx. 20 ml
• Receive push notifications on your phone when food container is about to run empty
• Sensor confirms food was actually dispensed and sends push notification otherwise (jammed, tipped over, or empty)
• Option to connect power bank for back-up power
With this smart pet food dispenser, you can program exactly at what time of the day a certain amount of food will be released (in portions of approx. 20 ml). Besides this you also have the option to manually feed your pets remotely using the app on your smartphone.
You are now in full control of the times and exact portion sizes of your pets.

No more delayed meals for your cat or dog when you come home late and you no longer need to ask your neighbors to feed your pets when you go away for the weekend.

This automatic pet feeder has a removable food container which can store up to 3.7 liter of dry food. A sensor will inform you with an indicator LED and a push notification on your phone when the container is running empty so you know to clean and fill it again.

A second sensor will check with each feeding session whether food has actually come out of the dispenser. If the container is completely empty, jammed or tipped over, you will receive a notification to inform you no food has come out.

The pet feeder is powered using the 5V 1A USB charger and a USB to micro-USB cable. To make sure your pets get their food even during the unlikely event of a power outage, you can add a power bank (not included) for back-up. The stored feeding schedule is stored in the product, so even without Wi-Fi connection, your pets will get their food on the set times.


Package contents

Food dispenser
Food tray
USB cable
Power adapter (EU)
Instruction manual

Retail package dimensions Giftbox

Width Height Length
235 mm 390 mm 250 mm

Logistic dimensions

Packed per Width Height Length Weight
1 235 mm 390 mm 255 mm 2900 g
4 495 mm 430 mm 530 mm 12820 g

Product specifications

Width 220 mm
Height 340 mm
Depth 235 mm
Weight 2270 g
Colour White
Power plug Type C (CEE 7/16)
Material Plastic
Accessories AC Adapter EU Plug
Removable Collecting Tray
Maximum transmit power 17 dBm
App available for Android™
Supported wireless technology Wi-Fi
Controlled by App
Voice control Amazon Alexa
Google Assistant
Siri shortcuts
Number of Products in Package 1 pcs
Frequency range 2412 - 2484 MHz
Operating temperature range 0 - 40 °C
Capacity 3.7 l
Indoor humidity range 10 - 90 %
Sensor type Food Level Sensor
SmartLife Yes
Type Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder


Frequently asked questions

Yes you can.
Each person needs a unique account on their mobile device.
To add them as "family members" follow these steps:
In the main screen of the app tap on the name of your home (top left)
Tap on Home management
Tap on the name of your home again.
Tap on "add family members" and fill in the account details of the person you want to add.
It will give them access to all the devices in your home as a normal member or admin (you can select this)

If you only want to share a single device in a home, go to the settings menu of the device and select "share device" -> add member.

This is probably a Wifi problem, this can be for various reasons.
1.) Wifi signal is unstable.
2.) Wifi signal is too weak.
3.) Using an access point with the same SSID and password that do not support the IEEE 802.11R standards.

Problem 1 can often be solved by restarting the router.
Problem 2 can be checked with an app Wifi analyzer with this the signal can be viewed and corrected to a better position.
Problem 3 can be checked as the access points are turned off, the Wifi signal is still good and the connection remains if the access points are a problem, a Mesh solution can then be used.
Please make sure that they support IEEE 802.11R standard.