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SmartLife Personal Scale

Wi-Fi | BMR / Bones / Fat / Muscles / Water / Weight | 8 Memory Slots | Peak load: 180 kg | Android™ / IOS | Glass | White

Brand: Nedis Article number: WIFIHS10WT EAN number: 5412810306312

SmartLife Personal Scale

Wi-Fi | BMR / Bones / Fat / Muscles / Water / Weight | 8 Memory Slots | Peak load: 180 kg | Android™ / IOS | Glass | White

Vendor Part Number: WIFIHS10WT
EAN number: 5412810306312
These Nedis® Wi-Fi smart personal scales* instantly show your weight. Since your health is determined by a lot more however, these smart scales also measure fat, BMI, bone, muscle, water and protein levels.
The scales recognise the data and store them in the right account.
The app supports 8 accounts in total, making these scales perfect for your entire family. They provide a perfect solution to monitor the health of loved ones who just aren’t very handy with apps: they only need to step on the scales and you can check their data afterwards, when and where you like.
The app also keeps track of clear graphs over longer periods. This makes it easy to detect weight changes, which could indicate health issues. Or to motivate you to hang on to your diet as your target weight is coming within reach.
* Not to be used by pacemaker users

• Works with intuitive, clear app - no hassling with changing views or accounts on the scales • Supports accounts for 8 persons • Saves data automatically to the right account • Shows graphs of various parameters measured overtime • Comprehensive body analysis - weight, BMI, BMR, metabolic age, fat, water, bones, muscle and protein levels • Easy to integrate in your Nedis® SmartLife system • Clear, digital, blue-lit display

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Package contents

Personal scales
Quick start guide

Product specifications

Colour White
Maximum transmit antenna gain 0 dBi
Power source type Battery Powered
Wireless technology Wi-Fi
Material Glass
Required batteries (not included) 3x AAA
Height 25 mm
Maximum transmit power 17 dBm
App available for Android™
Auto switch off Yes
Transmit frequency range 2412 - 2472 MHz
Scale function Weight
Bone Weight
Fat Percentage
Muscle Percentage
Total Body Water Percentage
Material weighing platform Tempered Glass
Maximum weighing capacity 180 kg
Analog or digital Digital
Units Kg
Input current 0.45 A
Depth 280 mm
Input voltage 4,5 VDC
Length 280 mm
Maximum power consumption 0.5 W
Accuracy 100 mg
Weight 1345 g
Width 280 mm
Peak load 180 kg
Person recognition Yes
Safe to use with pacemaker No
Memory slots 8 Memory Slots
Body analysis BMR
Maximum number of people to memorize 8
Weighing accuracy 0.1 g
Display size 30 x 73 mm

Frequently asked questions

Please do not use rechargeable batteries at the scale.
But use Alkaline batteries only instead.
Rechargeable batteries produce 1.2V instead of 1.5V.
Don't stand on the scale with wet feet. Make sure your feet are dry.
You have to stand on the scale with bare feet.
Wake up the scale by pressing on it.
Wait until the wifi logo on the top left lights up, then step on the scale.
Press the button on the back a few times to cycle through the different units.
First push the scale so it wakes up.
Wait till the wifi-logo will appear in the screen.
Now you can stand at the scale.
Yes you can.
Each person needs a unique account on their mobile device.
To add them as "family members" follow these steps:
In the main screen of the app tap on the name of your home (top left)
Tap on Home management
Tap on the name of your home again.
Tap on "add family members" and fill in the account details of the person you want to add.
It will give them access to all the devices in your home as a normal meber or admin (you can select this)

If you only want to share a single device in a home, go to the settings menu of the device and select "share device" -> add member.
This is probably a Wifi problem, this can be for various reasons.
1.) Wifi signal is unstable.
2.) Wifi signal is too weak.
3.) Using an access point with the same SSID and password that do not support the IEEE 802.11R standards.

Problem 1 can often be solved by restarting the router.
Problem 2 can be checked with an app Wifi analyzer with this the signal can be viewed and corrected to a better position.
Problem 3 can be checked as the access points are turned off, the Wifi signal is still good and the connection remains if the access points are a problem, a Mesh solution can then be used.
Please make sure that they support IEEE 802.11R standard.
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