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Smart Remote Contoller

ZigBee | 4 Buttons | Battery included | White

Brand: Nedis Article number: ZBRC10WT EAN number: 5412810330997

Smart Remote Contoller

ZigBee | 4 Buttons | Battery included | White

Vendor Part Number: ZBRC10WT
EAN number: 5412810330997
Connect this remote control with SmartLife through a Zigbee gateway (WIFIZBxxx) to have full control over your entire Smart Home without even touching your phone.
Each button can be programmed to control any number of Nedis SmartLife products, not only switch them on/off, but also to set a predefined brightness or even to start a full scenario or enable or disable an automation. Each button can even be programmed to act differently depending on the time of day or day in the week.
So whether you want to use this remote to control your alarm, your smart bulb or your Air conditioner, as long as it is controllable within the Nedis SmartLife application, you can control it with this remote control.
Included battery (CR2032) will last a year with average use, and by using the accompanied key-chain you'll never have to search for the remote ever again.

- Control any Nedis SmartLife device by connecting this remote control to your Nedis ZigBee gateway. - 4 buttons which can be programmed - Battery included with lifetime of 1 year (average use) - Instant response, no noticeable delay - Option to set different programs for different periods

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Package contents

Remote control
Quick start guide

Product specifications

Material Plastic
Colour White/Black
Height 66 mm
Width 34 mm
Batteries included 1x CR2032
Number of buttons 4
Operating temperature -10 - 50 °C
Programmable Yes
Signal range 30 m
Input voltage 3 VDC
Maximum radio transmit power 17 dBm
Antenna gain 2.5 dBi
Wireless technology Zigbee
Compatible with Zigbee
Frequency range 2412-2484 MHz
Maximum battery life 12 months

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