Nedis SmartLife Christmas lighting


This Christmas will be extra special with the smart Christmas lights from Nedis SmartLife. Set the light up exactly as you prefer and create the perfect atmosphere for the most wonderful time of the year. 


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Have the lights turn on and off whenever you please.
Set specific times for each day of the week, or set it in relation to the sunset/sunrise or even your distance from home!

Voice control

Even without setting up a schedule, you can always control the lights from your phone, or by voice if you combine it with your favourite voice assistant (Google Home, Alexa, Siri shortcuts)


Make your holidays more festive by using any colour of choice, or a combination of multiple colours.
Change the colour to fit your mood or other decorations.


Simply change the brightness from within the App whenever you want or even set a brightness level for different times of day.





The perfect Christmas tree

With the Nedis Smartlife string lights you are able to decorate your tree any way you prefer. The smart light string up to 400 LEDs will make sure your tree up to 2 meters high will be the sparkling centre of your Christmas decorations. Set up any colour, bright white or candle light, dim the lights and even safe energy with the ecofriendly LED lights. 


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Decorate your house with smart icicles to create the most cosy winter feeling. The icicle string up to 8 meters and 400 LEDs will make people turn their heads when passing your house. Program them any way you prefer and set them up as a part of your smart home. 


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Nets and Curtains


Christmas lights in net and curtain shapes transform spaces with a magical touch. Hang them indoors to create a cozy, festive atmosphere, or outside for a charming garden canopy. These versatile lights bring holiday cheer to any setting, making every moment sparkle with a touch of magic.


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Tree shaped lights

Christmas tree-shaped lights offer a whimsical touch to your holiday decor. Hang them on a flag pole or in a tree in your garden. These tree shaped lights create a warm and charming ambiance, perfect for a cozy holiday-themed atmosphere. Additionally, you can also arrange them in chandelier shapes for a unique lighting display.


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Party Lights

Add some extra party vibes to the most wonderfull time of the year. 


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Power everything

Use safe and convieniant power cables to connect your chritmas lights


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Smart plugs

Make your traditional lighting smart as well 


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