Start Smart with Nedis SmartLife

The Nedis SmartLife assortment is designed to make life more comfortable. Creating your personal smart home doesn't have to be expensive. All you need to start is a smart plug.

Existing appliances + Smart plug = Comfort

Our entry model

Start with our entry model, the 10A Smart Plug. Connect a few plugs together within the app to create scenes or schedule your lighting. Just one click or 'Hey Google, turn on the lights' to turn on all your lamps at once.

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Smart Plug with Power Monitor

The Smart Plug with Power Monitor is the best choice for more energy-hungry appliances such as your washer/dryer or AC. See how energy-efficient they are, receive notifications when your washer stops using power – time to unload .

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Outdoor Smart Plug

This Smart plug is resistant to rain with its splashproof housing and can temperatures ranging from -10 to 40 °C. Connect it to your patio heater, pond pump or pool vacuum to schedule or control appliances with just one app.

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