What is a smart home in 2021? 

A Smart Home is a house wherein different devices and appliances work together and communicate with each other.

Products can be used as stand-alone products or can be bundled as a group. The only thing you need to control these

products and product groups is a Wi-Fi connection, the intuitive SmartLife app, and your smartphone. 


For example, bulbs that light up when you're on the way home or a coffee machine that starts when the morning alarm goes off.

How to save energy & money?
Where and how to start?

How to save energy & money ?
Zigbee is an alternative protocol to Wi-Fi with low power consumption as the main advantage. This enables small wireless sensors to remain functional for up to multiple years on a single battery! Find out more about the Zigbee protocol ➡


Always start with a Zigbee Gateway!
This gateway will connect directly to Wi-Fi, meaning that there is no need for an ethernet cable. To install it, open the Nedis® SmartLife app. Each connected product will appear in the Nedis® SmartLife app and can be included in automations and set-up scenarios.

Nedis® World on YouTube

Recently the Nedis® category manager, brand manager, and our photographer have created some new SmartLife "How to Install" videos. These “How to Install ” videos are uploaded to our Nedis YouTube channel. They will also be uploaded to the products on our website. 
Watch our 'How to Install' videos ➡

Even save more energy with the Zigbee Smart Remote

Connect this remote control with SmartLife through a Zigbee gateway (as seen above) to have full control over your entire Smart Home without even touching your phone.


• Control any Nedis SmartLife device by connecting this remote control to your Nedis ZigBee gateway;
• 4 buttons which can be programmed;
• Battery included with lifetime of 1 year (average use);
• Instant response, no noticeable delay;
• Option to set different programs for different periods;