Zigbee is an alternative protocol to Wi-Fi with low power consumption as the main advantage.
This enables small wireless sensors to remain functional for up to multiple years on a single battery.
Instead of using Wi-Fi as a permanent connection, Zigbee listens and only uses energy when necessary.
So save on your energy bill and become a part of the Zigbee family!

• Budget-friendly, making it accessible for everyone to create a smart home.
• Wireless, just stick the sensors wherever you like.
• No delay, reaction time under a second.

Even save more energy with the Zigbee Smart Remote

Connect this remote control with SmartLife through a Zigbee gateway (as seen above) to have full control over your entire Smart Home without even touching your phone.


• Control any Nedis SmartLife device by connecting this remote control to your Nedis ZigBee gateway;
• 4 buttons which can be programmed;
• Battery included with lifetime of 1 year (average use);
• Instant response, no noticeable delay;
• Option to set different programs for different periods;

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Newest Nedis USB-C™ Adapters

Male to DisplayPort Female (0,2 Meter) as well as Male to MINI DisplayPort Female (0,2 Meter)