Welcome to Nedis Live Chat Support

At Nedis, we are continually looking for ways to serve you better. As part of our commitment to improving your experience, we have transitioned to live chat as our primary communication channel.


Why the change?

We realized that phone lines can lead to long wait times and less efficient customer service. With live chat, you will receive immediate assistance, and our agents can resolve multiple queries at once, leading to faster resolution times.

We've also implemented an auto-translation feature, so you can get support in your preferred language, even if the agent does not speak it.


Easy to use

After logging in, the chat window automatically appears at the bottom right of the screen


What does this mean for you?

Our Nedis Support Bot is designed to guide you towards the self-service areas on our website. While the bot is in its early stages and might seem a bit basic at the moment, its intelligence is set to grow over time through interactions with users like you. As more customers interact with the bot, it will progressively become better at providing helpful and accurate information.


Human Assistance

If you prefer to speak with a customer service representative, you can easily switch to a live chat during business hours.

Offline Support

Outside business hours, you can leave a message regarding your question or issue. You'll receive an email confirmation, and we'll pick up your ticket as soon as we're back in business hours.

More Efficient Service

With our new system, we'll be able to resolve your issues faster by handling the entire workload more efficiently.



We believe these improvements will enhance your experience and increase your satisfaction. 

Thank you for choosing Nedis. We look forward to assisting you through our live chat service!