Keep your loved ones and belongings safe with Nedis SmartLife

Securing your home in a smart way is now easier than ever. Using the latest generation of smart cameras or doorbells, you can always keep an eye on your property and possessions.

Smart Surveillance

Securing your home has never been this easy. With the Nedis SmartLife cameras and video doorbells you can always see what is happening in and around your house. These cameras can be set up according to your preferences. You can choose to record only at certain times or only when a person is detected. The video clips are stored safely on the camera via an SD card or in the Cloud. That way you always have access to recordings to past recordings or a live view of the current situation. 


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Smart sensors

Protecting your house can also be done with the help of several sensors. These sensors can detect whether a door or window opens or closes. They can also detect if a person enters a room. The Nedis SmartLife app allows you to set actions to another smart product, when a sensor is activated. Of course, a notification will be sent to your smartphone when a sensor is activated. Instead of only alerting you, the cameras or sensors can do much more by combining them with other products such as lights or a siren to scare off any intruder.


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Smoke, CO, and Gas detection

Being safe also means being protected from fire, CO and gas leaks. The Nedis SmartLife assortment range offers multiple sensors that can detect smoke, CO and even gas. In addition to the loud alarm the detector makes, you also receive a notification on your phone. When you combine the detectors with other SmartLife products you can make scenarios have the lights switched on and open the shutter automatically in case of emergency. A smart smoke detector can also be combined with the smart bulbs to automatically switch on the lights when triggered at night, so you don’t have to look for the light switch.


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Stay safe with smart lighting

With one app you control your entire light setting in your home. You don't even have to be at home! Control all your lights from anywhere. You can turn on the lights when you drive home from work, so you don't arrive in the dark. Use the app to create schedules. Dim the lights around dinner time or have automatically turn them on at 8am. You can even automate your lighting by using geolocation in the app. If your phone is near your house, your lights will switch on automatically. Or use local sunrise or sunset in your automation to turn lights off or on when the sun goes down.


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