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Cooling Paste | 4 Grams | Silver

Brand: Nedis Article number: COOLP400SI EAN number: 5412810322428

Cooling Paste | 4 Grams | Silver

Vendor Part Number: COOLP400SI
EAN number: 5412810322428
This Nedis® cooling paste is very heat conductive. It fills in all those microscopic imperfections on the heatsink and CPU/GPU that can trap air in them and cause a loss in the heatsink’s performance. The cooling paste ensures an outstanding heat conduction and dissipation. This allows you to run heavy programs without the motherboard getting overheated.

• High stability and reliability • Suitable to be applied to CPU, UPS, inverter, chipset and other PC components • Low thermal resistance, high conductivity for heat transfer

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Package contents

Cooling paste syringe
Application spatula

Product specifications

Colour Silver
Type Paste
Moment Beared Temperature -50 ~ 300 °C
Thermal Conductivity ≥4.63W/m-k
Specific Gravity ≥3.15
Thermal Impedance ≤0.0087 °C-in²/W
Thixotropic Index 280 ± 10
Viscosity 12500
Contents 4 g
Operating temperature -30 - 280 °C
Content 4 g

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