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Alarm clock with wireless charging

Qi certified | 5 / 7.5 / 10 W | USB-A Female | Night Light | 2 Alarm Times | Snooze function


Vendor Part Number: WCACQ10W1BK
EAN number: 5412810329052
• Nedis 3-in-1 alarm clock: wireless charging, LED clock and nightlight
• The wireless charging lets you fast, and safely recharge your Qi compatible phone
- Simply place your phone on the charging area and the charging begins
- For fast charging, you need to use the QC3.0 power adapter (not included)
- You can simultaneously recharge a device via the USB-A port with a USB cable
• Wake up on time every morning, thanks to the dual alarm clock with snooze function
• The nightlight with 8 different colours lets you suit the colour to your mood