Smart Home/Energy/Smart Plugs

SmartLife Smart Plug

Zigbee 3.0 | IP44 | Power meter | 3680 W | Type F (CEE 7/7) | -25 - 55 °C | Android™ / IOS | White | 1 pcs


Vendor Part Number: ZBPO130FWT
EAN number: 5412810448371
• Smart Zigbee outdoor power plug socket to switch garden lights on or off quickly and easily
• Fully integrates with your Nedis SmartLife App (through Zigbee gateway) to combine with other smart products in automations
• Use the Nedis® SmartLife app to set timers or schedules for switching on/off automatically
• Possible to turn on/off manually
• Measures power consumption in real time
• Suitable for all devices up to 3680 watts such as consumer electronics, washing machines, dryers
• Supports voice control - in combination with Amazon Alexa or Google Home and Siri
• Can be used as a stand-alone product or can connect easily with other Nedis® SmartLife products