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VHS Converter

Conversion: VHS-C to VHS | Plug and play | Black

Brand: Nedis Article number: VCON110BK EAN number: 5412810337385

VHS Converter

Conversion: VHS-C to VHS | Plug and play | Black

Vendor Part Number: VCON110BK
EAN number: 5412810337385
Insert a VHS-C tape into the Nedis® VCON110BK VHS-C cassette converter to record or watch it with a standard VHS video recorder. Insert an AA battery (not included) to automatically open the front and load or unload the tape. Please be aware that 8 mm tapes are not compatible with VCON110BK. Only those carrying the VHS-C logo can be used.

When using the VCON110BK in combination with a VHS player and VHS-C
cassette, please keep the following information and precautions in mind:
• Over the years, your VHS player and VHS-C tape will have accumulated dust and grease that’s not always visible to the eye, which can damage tapes inserted or jam your recorder prior to use. We would suggest using a VHS cleaner on your equipment.
• Before inserting a VHS-C tape, check if the VHS-C tape is not taught. If it is, you can reduce the tension on the tape by unrolling the main cog of the tape by ¼ of a turn ( 90 degrees).
• Try to only use the regular play function of your VHS player and try to avoid using the fast forward or rewind functions where possible. This will prevent unnecessary strain to your VHS-C cassette tape.

• Makes it possible to watch your old video tapes again – simply insert the VHS-C cassette and start using it • Motorised – the lid opens once moving the open/close switch • Plug and play – easy to use

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Package contents

Cassette converter

Product specifications

Colour Black
Material ABS
Conversion VHS-C to VHS
Required batteries (not included) 1x AA
Height 25 mm
Weight 271 g
Depth 104 mm
Width 187 mm
Plug and play Yes
Appliance Video

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