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Nedis® Remote Controlled Tower Fan White USP Video
Nedis® Tower Fan USP Video
Nedis Remote Controlled Stand Fan White USP Video
Nedis Electric Kettle Black USP Video
Nedis Mixer USP Video
Nedis Electric Kettle White USP Video
Nedis Remote Controlled Stand Fan Black USP Video
Nedis Smart Pet Feeder
Nedis Hand Mixer USP Video

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Radio is the source of information and entertainment for many people. New models have an extensive range of functions, which ensures the reception of a lot of content. In addition to conventional radio via FM, the digital DAB+ and Internet Radio solution is becoming more and more popular.

We have added to our assortment 5 new Internet Radios where three of them are also with DAB+.

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The benefits of DAB+ radios

We have added three brand new DAB+ radios to our existing assortment.
But why should you buy a DAB+ radio?

Broad selection of programs
thanks to even larger range, but can still receive FM stations
Larger range of access
to radio stations across the country without having to change the channel in your car when traveling through various reception areas
DAB+ stands for interference-free reception
Advanced transmission standard
is able to transmit additional information such as data in texts, album covers of the song you are listening to, or interactive elements
Easy to use
with the automatic station search