Best value for money

At Nedis, we keep our eyes and ears open and strive to be the "fastest follower" in accessories, products and complete smart electronics solutions. Every month we add new products that offer great value for money. This gives your customers a clear choice and a smart alternative to expensive A-brands.



The Nedis price level gives you a choice:


Want to offer a cheap entry point for hesitant first-time buyers? Offer them a Nedis solution.

Do you want to have an event with a high discount? Promote Nedis products without risking your profit margin.

Do you want to earn more income? Sell your Nedis product at full price and keep the profits.

Nedis pricing strategy is designed to support your business. And products are designed to stand up to the competition.


How to get started


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How Nedis delivers the best value for money

High standards and regular tests: 

Nedis products are designed, developed and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. 


Focus on our footprint

We are aware that, as a large company, we leave an imprint on the world, in one way or another. We try to keep this influence as small as possible. For example by replacing plastic for FSC paper packaging. 


SmartLife training 

It doesn’t help us much if we only move products from our warehouse to yours. Which is why we offer a range of support to help you sell.