Selling support for your product line-up, online or offline

The way consumers are buying their daily needs is changing. They want a product that is the right pick that doesn't blow their budget. Comparing products shouldn't be time consuming. Nedis helps you providing clearity of choice.

Self-select packaging

The packaging of Nedis products is specially designed. Why special? Well, it is based on the way your customer is scanning through products. Next to the great looks, the packaging is specifically created to make your customer’s choice easier, without the need of your staff.

Selecting products that are a good value for money, are easy to use and are the perfect fit for daily needs has become more clear with:

  1. Self-select icons
  2. Professional photography
  3. Lifestyle imaging
  4. Clear multi-lingual description 
  5. QR code to online information

How does it work?

1. Self-select icons

You can see and scan through the icons in one glance. Highlighting important product features so you and your customers can easily select according to relevant criteria.

2. Professional photography

What you see is what you get. You can find that good-looking product that is on the box inside of the box. 

3. Lifestyle imaging

Looking for the right product can be a hassle. With a clear setting on each package you can tell it will be the right fit for your purposes.

4. Clear multi-lingual description 

It shouldn’t matter where you are from or what language you are speaking. Your customer should be able to enjoy products that make their life easier, smarter and more fun. 

5. QR code to online information

Our products come with clear information and are mostly usable fresh out of the box. If a Nedis® product does require a little set-up it is based on our easy to install mind-set. With a QR code on the box you can even go to an online version of the manual or check out a related product video.

In-store presentation

Present your Nedis products line up the best way possible with in-store presentations to increase your sales, inform your customers and create product awareness.

What we offer?

  • Banners
  • Demo Boards 
  • Custom POS materials
  • In-store displays

Shelf concepts

We offer complete in-store concepts to provide you with the best support and to create sales opportunities. Because of a consistent look and feel for Nedis products you can freely add these products without mixing brands or appearances.

What we offer?

  • Shelf solutions customised to your needs
  • Delivery with a header or demo board
  • Personal assortment advice
  • Clarity of choice for your customer 

We understand that your selling power is our joint success

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Drive sales online

With professional product images and clear product information you can expect to receive what you have selected. Your customer can select from good-looking products online and be happy to find out that the product will be exactly fitting their need. Videos, 360° images & much more will help drive your sales or provide a good back up for after sales services. 

Link your systems to those of Nedis with Nedis connect and benefit of our high quality product data to fuel your webshop and save time and work. 


Interested in Nedis as a partner?

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