The music industry has suffered immensely over the last year, with the Covid-19 pandemic making it impossible for live gigs to go ahead as normal – but one area of the industry appears to have made a miraculous comeback. Vinyl sales are on track to reach a three-decade high in the UK, as music fans unable to see their favorite artists perform in-person reach for their turntables and spend their spare cash on building up their record collections.

Sales rose by almost 20 percent to 36 million euros

Current market data received from GFU Consumer & Home Electronics, GmbH, and GfK all show growth in this small but fine niche for 2020. 160.000 turntables were sold in 2020, an increase of ten percent compared to the previous year.

Sales rose by almost 20 percent to 36 million euros. Vinyl lovers also invest increasing amounts on average for their playback device. While the average price of a turntable was 206 euros in 2019, it rose to 225 euros in 2020 (+ 9 percent).